Time Machine Anthology Contest

I am puttting together a sci-fi/horror anthology book entitled Organized Chaos written by numerous authors telling their tales of time travel. Each chapter is about a different person's or people's time traveling experience after they see an ad on the internet to travel anywhere in time for $100. 

This is the ad

Have you ever wanted to time travel? Hate your boring life or just want an adventure? Now is your chance! Go to any time you want! This is not a joke! For only $100 you could be in the time of your dreams! Ever wanted to see what the future is like? Now you can! Ever wanted to see how the pyramids were made? Now you can! Sound too good to be true? That's because it is. Once you time travel, you will be relocated to the time of your choice permanently, so think long and hard about never seeing this time again. Anyone who is serious come to 32 Brush street and get ready for the ride of your life.

The rules are simple.
1. You can choose any year in the past or present.
2. You can choose any latitude or longitude on earth to get teleported to.
3. I will post all chapters I write and all chapters I approve in the stories section under the story Organized Chaos. You have to follow the scenarios of any previous chapters. If you do decide to go against a scenario you must explain it in the story. For example.. if I write about someone going to Los Angeles in the year 3000 and they find it is a desert and they end up dying of thirst because they can't find any signs of humanity.. all future chapters of Los Angeles in the year 3000 must be in the desert... but if you wanted to go to 3100 Los Angeles and have it not be a desert, you must explain why it is not anymore.
4. Each Chapter is a complete story.. you must conclude your story by the end of the chapter.
5. Each story must be at least 500 words long and no more than 50 pages long.
6. You can not kill everyone on earth or a large majority of it. You can however destroy multiple cities or states in the far future
7. If you go to the past you must use real history for the geographic area you are in.. for example.. if you go to the USA in the year 2004 and you mention the president by name.. you must use George W Bush as the president's name.
8. Do not write porn
9. Please go into the far future if you are going to predict history to prevent it to becoming obsolete
10. The setting of the time machine is 2013 Detroit Michigan and you must make your character visit the time machine between the hours of 8am and 11pm if you mention a time or location your character or characters. Never mention the date or day before your charater time travels because every story will be the same day.
11. Only 10 people can teleport at a time. If you have 30 people teleport they must go in 3 pairs of 10 if you decide to get that specific.
12. you can not harm the scientist who is running the time machine business